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About Us

BFCINT specializes in video-centric campaigns to get the word out. The kind of campaigns that attract action, create change or make something matter. Whether you’re educating a targeted group of movers-and-shakers or raising awareness to the masses, we help you write your story, tell it and roll it out.



Before we become storytellers, we investigate. We get to know our partners and the pending problem. We determine demographics. Sling together sounds. Pitch prose. Invent idioms. We establish a hook—a hashtag—so irresistible that we can draw the right eyeballs, but also deliver a satisfying tale. 


Next, we build out the basic structure for the campaign. A backbone. Is this a pre-roll video ad? A meaty, content-rich series? Does it live on a freshly-developed microsite or operate within an existing communication strategy? What are all of the social trappings and tweets to tease the messaging?